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Shipping your guitar.

The idea of shipping a guitar can cause fear of damage/loss in most guitar owners. However, 1000's of guitars are safely shipped to shops and end users every year, so the risk is relatively low. The key to safely shipping a guitar is to have the guitar in a strong and well-fitting case that is properly packed in a appropriate box.

To safely ship a guitar, the guitar must be placed in a strong hard case that expertly fits the guitar. A loose fitting case can allow movement that can damage your guitar. The cases I include with my guitars are custom built to the dimensions of the guitars to ensure a proper fit. Both the deluxe hard cases and deluxe flight cases are sufficient for shipping a guitar.

Before placing your guitar in the case, loosen the strings to remove unnecessary tension on the headstock and neck. Also, support the headstock of the guitar in the case with foam or bubble wrap (see photo on right) to prevent whiplash damage in the event the package is dropped. Finally, remove any loose items from the case that may rattle around during shipment and cause damage to the guitar. This includes the battery to a pickup if installed.

Photo of headstock wrapped in bubble wrap.
Photo of shipping box.





A good fitting box to enclose the case is also very important. Boxes can be purchased from shipping stores, from Uline Inc., or from local music shops. The box ideally will be a few inches larger than the case in all directions to allow the case to be wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in the box. All sides of the case must be wrapped in bubble wrap including the top and bottom. In turn, the wrapped case needs to be immobilized inside the box to prevent movement. Packing foam and/or bubble wrap into any open areas will secure the case. Don't use packing peanuts as they have a tendency to settle during shipment. Finally, seal all flaps with high quality packing tape.

A few remaining items enhance safe shipping is to insure the shipment for the replacement value of the guitar and case. Also, try to avoid shipping a guitar during very hot or very cold weather. Also, allow a shipped guitar to acclimate to the new climate when received by leaving it in case for several hours.