Construction Photos Page Title
The following photos demonstrate various steps in handcrafting a Lone Wolf Guitar. Since I continually refine my methods, techniques, and jigs, these photos represent a snapshot in time. Click on images below for an enlarged view.

Side bender patterned after the ubiquitous Fox Bender.

Joining the book matched back plates

Joined back plates.

Joined top plates

Cutaway assembly molds.

Arching the sides.

Attaching the lining.

Sides bent and lined.

Sides bent and lined.

Sides in assembly mold.

Routing the rosette channel.

Completed rosette channel.

Inlayed rosette.

Cutting the soundhole.

Rounding the soundhole edges.

Routing the back strip channel.

Inlayed back strip

Tap tuning plates setup.

Spruce billets for making braces

Gluing the back center graft in a go-bar deck.

Gluing back braces in a go-bar deck.

Gluing the top braces in a go-bar deck.

Carving the top braces.

Finished braced top.

Another finished braced top.

Braced top and back.

Roping jig.

Gluing the top to the sides

Top attached to sides

Top attached to sides.

Enclosed body.

Routing the binding ledge.

Completed binding ledge.

Cutting the heel graft inlay channel.

Completed heel graft inlay.

Laminating binding and purfling

Installing purfling and binding.

Completed heel graft with side binding.

Completed body - back view.

Neck profile jig.

Initial neck profile.

Routing the truss rod channel.

Truss rod in the neck channel.

Truss rod in the neck channel.

Gluing the truss rod spline.

Installed truss rod spline.

Hand chiseling the neck.

Final shaped neck.

Slotting the fingerboard.

Fingerboard taper jig.

Leveling the fingerboard.

Radiusing the fingerboard.

Radiused fingerboard.

Bound fingerboard.

Gluing the fingerboard to the neck.

Installing side position markers.

Installed side position markers.

Fretting the fingerboard.

Fretting the fingerboard.

Fretted fingerboard.

Shaping the headstock veneer.

Shaped headstock veneer

Attaching the binding/purfling to the headstock crown.

Bound headstock veneer.

Cutting inlay for headstock logo.

Inlayed headstock veneer.

Attaching the veneer to the headstock.

Radiused and leveled fingerboard.

Neck side profiling jig.

Side profiled neck.

Testing the neck angle and fit

Bodies ready for spraying.

Necks ready for spraying.

Bodies after first spray session.

Necks after first spray session.

Shaping the bridge.

Shaped bridge.

Cutting the bridge wings.

Drilling the bridge pin holes.

Shaping the bridge belly.

Completed bridges.

Pickguard template.

Faceted pickguard.

Sanded/buffed pickguard.

Completed pickguard.