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The J-12 series is a 12 string version of my popular Jumbo-OM model. Like my J-OM, the J-12 combines the power and volume of a large-body guitar with the balance and clarity of a small-body guitar.  The large soundboard combined with the shallower body depth provides a huge sound that is extremely well-balanced.  It provides a warm expansive bass, with crisp trebles and rich tonal complexity.  The shallow body depth with the deep waist makes this guitar much more comfortable to play than typical large body guitars.
Photo of J-12 guitar - front view.
Photo of J-12 guitar - back view.





Width at Lower Bout 17 1/8"
Width at Upper Bout 12 3/4"
Width at Waist 10 1/8"
Body Length 20 1/4"
Body Depth at Tailblock 4"
Standard Scale Length 25.4"
Standard Nut Width 2"
Standard String Spacing 2 3/4"