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Lone Wolf Guitar jam sessions.

The best way to truly appreciate the difference between a finely handcrafted Lone Wolf Guitar, and the more common factory guitars, is by playing one. Unfortunately, giving players the opportunity to play a Lone Wolf Guitar in a conducive environment is challenging. The very nature of a handbuilt guitar limits the number that can be produced. In my case, to meticulously handcraft these one of a kind guitars limits my production to approximately 12 per year. Compare this to some factories that produce 80,000 guitars per year, and the challenge becomes apparent. Since the number of instruments I can build is limited, the likelihood of finding one in a shop near you is remote. Even the shops that do carry a Lone Wolf Guitars, their inventory will likely only be one guitar.

As a result, I've begun hosting Lone Wolf Guitar Jam sessions at locations throughout the country. At these sessions, I'll personally bring my current inventory of guitars (usually about 8-12) of various models. Players from the area are welcome to attend and are encouraged to sit and play any or all of the guitars in a comfortable setting. Any interested player is welcome, even if they're not in the market for a guitar. I've found these sessions to be very enjoyable and educational.

If you know a number of players in your area that would like to attend a session, please contact me. If there is interest, I'll schedule a session in your area. Better yet, host a session at your home or elsewhere and invite your playing buddies. As the host, you will receive a discount on any guitar you purchase.