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Wood Binding Options.

Headstock Binding, Fingerboard Binding, Body Binding and Back Strip Options - Binding is commonly used on the corners of a guitar body, and optionally on the fingerboard edges and headstock edges. For strength, playing comfort, tonal qualities, and aesthetic beauty, I install binding on all of the aforementioned. The strength benefit is particularly important on the corners of the body as they are occasionally bumped into walls and furniture. The binding provides protection to the edges of the soft top wood. Binding the edges of the fingerboard provides additional playing comfort as it covers the fret tang ends.

I use only solid wood binding on my guitars compared to plastic binding used on most factory guitars.  While the use of wood binding is more labor intensive, since it requires bending prior to installation, I feel the benefits are well worth the effort on a fine guitar.  Ebony is my standard binding, but other woods can be used as well.    The same wood strips used for the bindings are typically used for the back strip, although alternative woods can be used as well.

Body Binding Photo.
Headstock Binding Photo.
Fingerboard Binding Photo
Back Strip Photo
Back-Side Body Ebony Binding.
Headstock Ebony Binding
Fingerboard Ebony Binding
Ebony Back Strip