Custom Guitar Options.
Pickguard Options.

I hand make all of my pickguards to get the shape I want, and to "feather" the edges of the pickguard into the top of the guitar (see photo below). Since I hand make each pickguard, custom shapes are an option for custom guitars. Also, different materials can be used for the pickguard including Red Tortoise (shown below), Black, and Clear. There is no upcharge for any of these materials. My standard shapes are shown below.

My pickguards are attached to the top finish of the guitar using a flexible adhesive. This allows the wood to expand/contract without creating any stresses that can lead to cracks. Using the correct solvent, this also allows the pickguards to be easily removed without damaging the underlying finish.

Standard Pickguard Photo
Alternative Pickguard Option Photo
Pickguard Photo

Red Tortoise Pickguard - Standard Shape

Upcharge: $ 0

Red Tortoise Pickguard - Alternative Shape

Upcharge: $ 0

Photo of pickguard "feathered" into top.