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Nut and Saddle Material Options.

The nut and saddle material is important in transferring the energy of a plucked/strummed string into the vibration of the soundboard. A hard, dense material is needed to prevent any dampening of the energy. A strong material is also needed to resist the wear of the strings.

I use bone for my standard nuts and saddles. Bone has been the material of choice for decades ever since the use of ivory was discouraged. It is hard, dense, relatively inexpensive, polishes to an attractive shine, and is readily available. The bone used is typically derived from cows. It can be bleached to give a bright white color, or left natural for a mottled, cream appearance.

Synthetic materials are also used for nuts and saddles. These include Tusq, Micarta, Corian, plastic, etc. In my opinion, none of these produce a better transfer of energy than bone.

Nuts and Saddles Material Photo

Bone Nuts and Saddles - Bleached

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Bone Nuts and Saddles - Unbleached

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