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Fingerboard Surface Inlay Options.

Fingerboard inlays on the fretting surface range from none, to simple position markers, to very elaborate inlays. One issue to keep in mind when contemplating a fingerboard inlay is future fingerboard and fret work. A heavily played guitar will occasionally need its frets replaced and potentially the fingerboard to be sanded due to wear. An elaborate inlay can be damaged during these operations. A nice compromise is to place an inlay in the upper fret locations where the amount of wear is typically much less.

The following image show various fingerboard surface inlay options. Custom options are available as well.

Standard Option Image
Flower and Vine Inlay Image
Fingerboard Surface Inlay - Standard Inlay Image
Standard Fingerboard Surface Inlay Image 2
Fingerboard Vine and Flowers Inlay Option Image

My standard fingerboard surface inlay is fairly simple. The only inlay I do on my standard fingerboards is an alternating white/black/white strips near the edges of the fingerboard, mitered to a terminating curve at the end of the fingerboard. The contrast between the dark fingerboard wood against the gold colored frets present a simple elegance. The strips run through the complete thickness of the fingerboard, so wear and future fingerboard fretwork will not be an issue.

Upcharge: $0

The Lone Wolf Guitars Flower and Vine Inlay is an intricate combination of various inlay material. The delicate inlay-within-inlays requires the utmost patience and precision. The result is striking inlay of intertwined vines and flowers.

The inlay materials used in the image above are as follows.

- Vine and leaf borders: White Mother of Pearl
- Leaf interiors: Paua Abalone
- Flower petal border: Gold Mother of Pearl
- Flower centers: Black Mother of Pearl
- Flower petal interiors: Pink Mussel

Other combinations of inlay material is available as an option.

Upcharge: $650

Lightning Fingerboard Surface Inlay Image
Fingerboard Lightning Surface Inlay Image

The Lone Wolf Guitars Lightning Inay runs the length of the fingerboard. It is made White and Gold Mother of Pearl. Contrasted against the black Ebony fingerboard, the lightning "lights up" as it reflects light from various angles.

Upcharge: $350